Vegan Gheymeh Nesar Recipe: Iranian Cuisine
Gheymeh Nesar Qazvin: Persian stew and rice with nuts and vegan meat

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Adjust Servings:
Stew ingredients
1 Onion
3 Spoon Oil Oil for frying onions
500 g vegan meat You can use one packet of vegetable protein (mushrooms or coarse soybeans).
1 Spoon Tomato paste
half a liter Water Add enough water to cover the surface of the vegan meats.
1 Small Spoon Salt
1 Small Spoon Cinnamon
1 Small Spoon Turmeric
1 Small Spoon cardamom powder
1 Small Spoon Black pepper
3 Spoon Saffron brewed saffron
Ingredients for making pistachio and almond slices on rice:
100 g Almond slice
100 g pistachio slices
3 Spoon rosewater
Ingredients needed to prepare barberry on rice:
1 Cup barberry soaked barberry
3 Spoon Slice of orange peel Soak the orange peel overnight and change the water several times to remove the bitterness. Or you can get it ready from the market.
1 Spoon Brown sugar
3 Spoon Saffron brewed saffron
1 Small Spoon cardamom powder
1 Small Spoon Cinnamon

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Vegan gheymeh Nesar is the most delicious stew I suggest you try because it was one of the most authentic stews of the Safavid period in Iran.

  • For celebrations
  • Healthy
  • High calorie
  • Vegan
  • Vegan dinner party


  • Stew ingredients

  • Ingredients for making pistachio and almond slices on rice:

  • Ingredients needed to prepare barberry on rice:



In the world of Persian cuisine, stews hold a special place. One such beloved dish is Gheymeh Nesar, a traditional stew with great flavors and textures.
Gheymeh Nesar or (Stew Nesar) is one of the traditional and ceremonial foods of one of the cities of Iran called Qazvin, Gheymeh Nesar which has a unique aroma and taste due to the presence of various spices which is prepared at formal parties and weddings.
This dish is known for its complex flavors and luxurious ingredients, making it a special treat for guests.
Gheymeh Nesar traditionally made with lamb or beef, but I made this stew Nesar completely vegan; instead of animal meat, I used vegan meat, which contains king oyster mushroom/wheat protein and special spices. You can even use pieces of mushrooms and soybeans; what is important in this stew is not the meat but the spices that make it taste great.

The taste of Gheymeh Nesar is very delicious due to the presence of a lot of saffron and special spices, including cardamom and cinnamon.

Health Benefits of Gheymeh Nesar

This dish is high in protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. The combination of nuts, spices, and vegetables provides a good balance of nutrients that support overall well-being. Additionally, the use of whole grains, such as rice, adds fiber to the dish, promoting healthy digestion and satiety.

A vegetarian version of Gheymeh Nesar

For those following a vegan or plant-based diet, creating a delicious vegan version of Gheymeh Nesar is easy.
It is true that the main ingredient of this food is meat, if you are a vegetarian, you can omit the meat.
Though Instead of using meat, you can substitute it with protein-rich ingredients such as lentils or chickpeas; but I don’t recommend it, because, by deleting the meat, the dish still has its delightful taste. However, beans may completely change the flavor. You may find some recipes suggesting Gheymeh Nesar with fava beans, but they may be less delicious than you wish.

To make the vegan version, follow the same steps as the traditional recipe, but replace the meat with your preferred plant-based protein.

Delicious Vegan Gheymeh Nesar Recipe: Persian Rice with Nuts & Vegan Meat
Iranian Vegan Gheymeh Nesar Recipe: Nutty Persian Rice Delight

When making this delightful stew, which is rich with the flavors of pistachio and almond slices, I have some special insights to share with you:

Tips and tricks:

  1. I source my vegetable protein compounds from a variety of plant-based sources like wheat, king oyster mushrooms, legumes, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and special spices. These can conveniently be found online or at vegan specialty stores.
  2. This stew is made with plenty of pistachio and almond slices. To soften sliced nuts, a quick soak in water or rose water does the trick. However, be cautious not to soak sliced pistachios, as their green color may fade.
  3. I’ve found that soaking the orange peel overnight and changing the water a few times is essential to rid it of bitterness. Alternatively, you can save time by purchasing ready-to-use orange peel from the market.
  4. To avoid the black barberries from darkening, I recommend turning off the heat immediately after the sugar has dissolved into the mixture.
  5. You can pour Nesar ghee stew over the rice and cook it, but the essence of this dish is that the stew should be served under the rice.
  6. I’ve discovered that adding a touch of rose water to the blend of almond and pistachio slices can truly elevate the unique taste of Gheymeh Nesar
  7. If you find the dish overly sweet, a touch of lemon juice can work wonders in balancing the flavors.
  8. I always make sure to make the saffron thick and brew it completely so that it gets a beautiful color for food.
  9. It is better to use golden or red onions instead of white onions; white onions make the food sweet.
  10. When you want to drain the rice, before you add the rice to the pot, add some sesame and oil to the pot and cover the whole pot with potato slices and pour the rice over the potatoes to have a delicious potato Crispy.

How to Serve Gheymeh Nesar:

Iranians serve Gheymeh Nesar as the main dish for dinner or lunch. It is usually served at family gatherings and parties. A light soup can be a good choice for an appetizer. Vegetables, Shirazi salad, lettuce salad, and other green salads are served along with Nesar gheymeh .

If you want to add an extra touch of authenticity to your Gheymeh Nesar, you can serve it with traditional Persian sides such as small cucumbers pickled in salty brine (khiar shoor), a pickled vegetable medley (torshi), and fresh herbs like basil, mint, and parsley.

To enhance the aroma and fragrance of your Gheymeh Nesar, consider adding a few drops of rose water at the end of the cooking process.


Gheymeh Nesar is a traditional Iranian stew with a delightful taste. By replacing meat with plant-based protein and incorporating a variety of spices and nuts, you can create a flavorful and satisfying dish that is both nutritious and cruelty-free.
Gheymeh Nesar is a must-try recipe, and every spoon you eat from this plate will take you to Qazvin’s old and historical streets.

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Sauté the Onions

Start by pouring oil into a pot and adding the onions. Sautéing finely chopped onions in oil until they turn golden brown. This releases the onions' natural sweetness and adds flavor to the stew.


Add Vegan Meat

After the onions become a little golden, add Vegan Protein (Vegan meat) to the onions.


Add spices

Next, add spices such as turmeric, salt, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric to the mixture. Stir well until the aroma of the spices spreads.


Incorporate tomato paste or sweet pepper paste into the mixture.


Add enough water to cover the vegan surface of the meat. Be cautious not to add too much water, as we want the stew thick.


Add saffron

Add infused saffron, as it gives a unique aroma to the stew.

30 Min

Simmer and Cook

Cover the pot, and let the stew simmer over low heat for about 20 to 30 minutes until it thickens. This slow cooking process allows the flavors to meld together and the meat to become tender.


Prepare the Rice and Nuts

While the stew is simmering, prepare the rice separately by soaking it and then cooking it in boiling water. Place the almond and pistachio slices in a bowl, add rosewater, and stir until the slices are soaked for about five minutes.


Ingredients needed to prepare barberry on rice:

Wash the barberries beforehand and soak them in water for five minutes. Drain them, and then add a little oil to a pan.


Combine orange peel and brown sugar with the barberries in the pan.


Add the pistachio and almond slices soaked in rosewater to the barberries.
sauté sliced almonds and pistachios until they are lightly golden.These nuts will add a delightful crunch to the finished dish.


Add cinnamon and cardamom to the mixture of barberry and slices so that its unique aroma spreads everywhere.


Complete the mixture by adding saffron, which complements the delightful spice aromas.


The barberry mixture and slices are now ready to be used as decoration.


Garnish and Serve

To serve Gheymeh Nesar, place a generous portion of rice on a plate and top it with the flavorful Vegan meat mixture. Garnish with the sautéed nuts, dried barberries, and sliced orange peel.

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