How To Make Raw Vegan Cheeseburger
Delicious Raw Vegan Cheeseburger: Easy Recipe with Mushrooms & Dairy-Free Cheese

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Adjust Servings:
4 Portobello mushroom
3 Spoons Olive oil
1 Small Spoon Salt
1 Small Spoon Black pepper
Ingredients for making cheese burger
1 Cup sunflower seed Soaked sunflower seeds
1 Lemon
1 Small Spoon Salt
1 Spoons Ntritional Yeast
1 Small Spoon Garlic powder
1 Small Spoon Paprika powder
1 Small Spoon Black pepper
1 Cup Water

Nutritional information

5.4 g

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Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of my Raw Vegan Cheeseburger with mushrooms and homemade vegan cheese – a healthy delight!
Easy to make and perfect for weight loss!

  • Dairy Free
  • Egg-Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy
  • Lactose free
  • Raw Vegan
  • Soy-free
  • Suitable for athletes
  • Vegan
  • Weight loss
  • Wheat-free
  • Yeast-Free


  • Ingredients for making cheese burger



Hey there, friends! 🌱🍔

I’ve got an amazing recipe for you: a delicious Raw Vegan Cheeseburger with mushrooms and homemade vegan cheese!! 🍔

You won’t believe how easy and tasty this plant-based burger is. And guess what? It’s super easy to make!

Trust me, this mouthwatering raw burger will keep you on the healthy track.

Raw vegan cheeseburger is one of the most complete and delicious natural vegan foods. This raw vegan burger’s strong and attractive cheese will entice you to make this dish. Everyone, even non-vegetarians, will welcome this raw vegan burger.

Why Raw Vegan Cheeseburger?

Well, apart from being insanely delicious, it’s also a fantastic option for weight loss and overall health—the secret lies in the power of raw, nutrient-packed ingredients.

You’ll experience some awesome benefits, like increased nutrient intake, by going raw vegan. Just imagine loading up on all those vitamins, minerals, and fiber from fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds – talk about a nutritional boost!

Not only that, but a raw vegan diet can also do wonders for your digestion. Thanks to the natural enzymes in raw foods, your tummy will thank you for easy digestion and efficient nutrient absorption.

And let’s not forget about weight loss – with lower calorie content and high fiber content, this cheeseburger is a perfect addition to your weight loss journey.

But hey, don’t think it’s just for vegans! Even non-vegetarians have given this raw vegan cheeseburger a huge thumbs up. I mean, who can resist that irresistible taste and unique texture?

Now what happened when I made a raw vegan cheeseburger?

When I decided to go raw vegan for a few months, my friends and family thought I was nuts. They were like, “You can’t survive on just veggies and lettuce!”
Still, I wanted to change the perception of people around me about natural vegan foods, so when they were making their Cooked burgers, I surprised myself with a raw vegan cheeseburger.
Instead of the usual hamburger bun, I got creative and used big Portobello mushrooms as my “bun,” and for the “cheese,” I used a blend of nutritional nuts.

The taste of this raw vegan cheeseburger was unique and wonderful, that’s why others welcomed my cheeseburgers, and it was interesting for them as raw vegan food. I want to share this exciting experience with you so that you can make the most of this cheeseburger and tell your friends about it.

Now, I’m super excited to share this life-changing experience with you all.

Get ready for a step-by-step guide on how to make this heavenly, healthy, and incredibly tasty raw vegan cheeseburger.

  • Nutritious: This recipe is loaded with healthy goodness like large mushrooms, sunflower seeds, lemon, lettuce, tomato, and onion. These ingredients are bursting with vitamins, minerals, and fiber – all the stuff your body craves!
  • Raw and Vegan: Yep, you heard it right. This burger is 100% raw and vegan, perfect for anyone looking to incorporate more plant-based goodness into their diet.
  • Low in Calories: This raw veggie burger is a dream come true if you’re watching your calories. It’s much lighter on the calorie scale than regular meat-based burgers.
  • Easy to Make: Don’t worry about complicated recipes here. This one’s a breeze to prepare, requiring only a handful of simple ingredients and minimal prep time.
  • Customizable: Make it your own! Play around with the middle ingredients and add your favorite veggies or toppings to customize your burger exactly how you like it.

And remember, going raw vegan can bring a host of benefits, like increased nutrient intake, improved digestion, weight loss, reduced inflammation, and a lower risk of chronic diseases. Plus, you might experience a boost in energy levels – who doesn’t want that?

Just a couple of tips before you start whipping up your Raw Vegan Cheeseburger masterpiece:

  1. To prepare the mushrooms, be sure to choose the biggest mushrooms so that the burger ingredients can fit inside the mushrooms.
  2. Use a dryer to dry the mushroom juice, or you can put it in the oven at the lowest temperature.
  3. This dish does not need to be cooked, so it is prepared quickly.
  4. The middle material of this hamburger is flexible so that you can add your favorite vegetables or toppings.


So, let’s dive into the magic of making this raw cheesy burger.

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Step-By-Step tutorial on raw veggie burger

Pour three spoons of olive oil in a bowl


Add salt and black pepper to the oil and stir


Wash the portobello mushrooms beforehand and dry them well and then dip them in the oil mixture


Put the mushrooms dipped in olive oil in the dryer to drain the mushrooms. If you don't have a dryer, you can put the mushrooms in the oven at the lowest temperature to draw the mushroom water out.


A step-by-step tutorial on the recipe for raw vegetarian cheeseburger

The main cheese base of this raw veggie burger is sunflower seeds
Soak the sunflower seeds for eight hours in advance and separate the water and put it in a blender


Nutritional yeast has a more cheesy taste. Nutritional yeast can be optional


Add salt and black pepper


Add garlic powder and paprika


Add a lemon juice to the ingredients.


Add a cup of water little by little to adjust the consistency of the cheese ingredients. Then let it mix for a minute.


Now our cheese is ready. For side dishes, slice tomatoes, lettuce and a small onion inside the burger.


Put lettuce, cheese, sliced tomatoes and sliced onions into the mushrooms step by step


Now our raw vegetable cheeseburger is ready.

There you have it! This raw vegan cheeseburger is a nutritious and wholesome option for a healthy lifestyle.
Enjoy this Gluten-free, cooking-free, mouthwatering burger. 🌱🍔

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Zahra Radan

I'm Zahra, and I have been a vegan for 5 years; I publish raw vegan and vegan recipes on VEGi 1 site. I have vegan recipes for all days and meals that even non-vegetarians will love. I try to prove that you will not miss any delicious food by changing to a vegan lifestyle. If you make this dish, share the photo on Instagram or Facebook and tag me with @vegifamily and #vegi1.

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