How To Make Hemp Milk At Home
Easy Hemp Milk Recipe: Delicious Plant-Based Dairy-Free Alternative

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Adjust Servings:
1 Cup Hemp seed Hemp seeds should be soaked for a day
Half a liter Water

Nutritional information

Serving Size
44 g
27 g
7 mg
60 mg
1400 mg

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Hemp milk is a complete source of protein and contains all the essential amino acids for your body.

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy
  • High calorie
  • Lactose free
  • Raw Vegan
  • Soy-free
  • Sugar Free
  • Suitable for athletes
  • Suitable for pregnant women
  • Vegan




Have you ever had hemp milk? Did you know that making hemp milk is much easier than buying cow’s milk? Did you know that hemp milk is more nutritious than cow’s milk?

As far as I remember, when people talk about fresh milk, everyone thinks of cow’s udders. Is fresh milk found in the cow’s body? No, cow’s milk not only has no properties, but also contains cholesterol, lactose and hormones. Cow’s milk is for baby cows, so make fresh milk at home and enjoy it.

It’s not just one type of milk, but you can make and eat all kinds of vegetable milk with different flavors and properties higher than animal milk. Another example: Why does everyone think of cow’s milk when talking about calcium deficiency?

Have you ever thought that plant-based milks have more calcium and protein than cow’s milk? Especially hemp milk, which is an excellent source for people who do not eat dairy and nuts, is very useful milk rich in protein and calcium. You can even use hemp seeds in all kinds of salads.

To prepare hemp milk, you only need two ingredients: hemp seeds and water. Just follow the recipe that I taught, then you can experience a healthy and delicious hemp milk.

The only point of hemp milk is to soak the hemp seeds in water for a day so that the hemp seed enzymes are activated and we get more delicious hemp milk.


  • Excellent Source of Plant-Based Protein: Hemp seeds are considered a complete protein source, meaning they provide all essential amino acids required by the body. This makes them a valuable option for individuals following vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diets, as well as those looking to increase their protein intake.
  • Healthy Fats: Hemp seeds are abundant in healthy fats, particularly omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids play a crucial role in promoting heart health, reducing inflammation, and supporting brain function.
  • Fiber-Rich: Hemp seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Fiber aids in digestion, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, promotes satiety, and supports overall gut health.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Hemp seeds contain various antioxidants, such as vitamin E and phenolic compounds, which help protect cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Antioxidants contribute to overall well-being and may have anti-inflammatory properties.


Tips and tricks:

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most excellent hemp milk right in the comfort of your own kitchen:

  1. Soak your hemp seeds: Before blending, it’s best to soak them for a few hours or overnight. This softens them, making them easier to blend and smoother milk texture.
  2. Adjust the water-to-seed ratio: The amount of water you use will determine the thickness of your hemp milk. For a creamier consistency, use less water, and for a lighter texture, add more water. Experiment with different ratios to find your preferred consistency.
  3. Sweeten to taste: Hemp milk has a naturally mild, slightly nutty flavor. If you prefer sweeter milk, consider adding a natural sweetener such as dates or maple syrup. Start with a small amount and adjust according to your taste preferences.
  4. Add flavor variations: Get creative with flavor variations by incorporating additional ingredients. You can enhance your hemp milk with a touch of vanilla extract, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a dash of cocoa powder for a chocolatey twist. Experiment with different flavor combinations to find your favorite.

Hemp milk isn’t just for drinking; it’s incredibly versatile in the kitchen! You can use it in smoothies, pour it over cereal or granola, incorporate it into baking recipes, or even try it in savory dishes like soups and sauces.

So Let’s go to a step-by-step guide and Indulge in the creamy goodness of homemade hemp milk – a dairy-free, nut-free plant-based milk that’s easy to make and packed with nutrients.

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1 Day

Soak the Hemp Seeds

Put a cup of hemp seeds in a container, mix it with water, and let it soak for a day.


Blend the Soaked Hemp Seeds

After soaking, pour the hemp seeds into a blender.

1 minute

Add Water and Blend

dd half a liter of water or adjust to your desired milk concentration, then blend in the blender for one minute.


Strain the Milk

Strain the contents of the blender through a cloth to remove any remaining solids. For an even smoother texture, pass the obtained milk through the cloth once more to obtain softer milk.


Hemp Seed Milk is Ready

Your homemade hemp seed milk is now ready to be enjoyed! Savor the rich taste and numerous health benefits. Cheers to your dairy-free delight!


Hemp seed milk is ready.

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