How To Make Quinoa And Red Bean Burger
Delicious Vegan Quinoa & Red Bean Burger Recipe | Gluten-Free

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Adjust Servings:
150 gr Red beans Baked red beans
200 gr Quinoa Cooked quinoa
3 pills Garlic
1 Cup Coriander fresh coriander
1 Cup Oat flour
1 Onion
1 spoon Tomato paste
A small spoon smoked powder
1 spoon Chia seeds Chia seeds mixed with water
1 small spoon Salt
1 small spoon Black pepper
1 small spoon Red pepper
1 small spoon Turmeric

Nutritional information

Serving Size
Total Fat

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Quinoa and red bean vegetarian burger is a source of healthy and nutritious protein, one of the most delicious vegetarian burgers.

  • Egg-Free
  • For celebrations
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy
  • High calorie
  • Kid friendly
  • Soy-free
  • Suitable for pregnant women
  • Vegan
  • Vegan dinner party




Discover a mouthwatering vegan quinoa and red bean burger recipe that’s gluten-free, healthy, and perfect for celebrations. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and pregnant women.

I love hamburgers like spongebob. When I became a vegetarian, McDonald’s and Burger King offered veggie burgers, and I was very happy about that. However, these burgers have one big problem. Veggie burgers are fried in the same place that meat burgers are fried, that is, meat burger oil is mixed with veggie burgers, and unfortunately, I couldn’t even use the outside of the burger, so I decided to make a new, delicious, healthy and completely veggie burger in make a house Fortunately, my creativity in cooking is high. For this reason, I used the most nutritious and healthy ingredients, such as quinoa and red beans, for the hamburger. And it turned out to be one of the most unique vegetarian burgers that tasted great, and the whole family enjoyed this recipe very much. And now I’m a happy SpongeBob who discovered an interesting burger.

Delicious Vegan Recipe: Quinoa and Red Bean Burger
Savor the irresistible taste of homemade Quinoa and Red Bean Burger—a delicious and healthy vegan treat!

Now, I’m excited to share this delicious vegan burger recipe with you. So, let’s dive into the world of quinoa and red bean goodness and create a vegan burger at home and enjoy it.

So follow me step by step.

Eggs are not only unhealthy but also a product of a cruel industry. Fear not! I’ve found the perfect substitutes for achieving that desired stickiness.
In this recipe, we’ll use the magic of chia seeds and oat flour to achieve the perfect sticky texture without relying on eggs.

Quinoa and red beans are complete protein sources that provide all the essential amino acids and make them valuable protein sources for vegans and vegetarians.
The high fiber content of quinoa and red beans helps the health of the digestive system and helps maintain a healthy weight, and regulates blood sugar levels.

🟠 Tips and tricks:

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your burger turns out perfectly:

  1. Chill Out: Before cooking, refrigerate the burger mixture for an hour. This will give it a firmer texture, making it easier to shape into patties.
  2. Light on Oil: When frying your burgers, use just a little oil to keep them from sticking. We’re aiming for a healthier option!
  3. Mix and Match: Feel free to customize the recipe by adding or reducing ingredients according to your taste. However, remember to keep the quinoa and beans intact, as they form the foundation of this delicious burger.
  4. Red Beans: I have already tested this burger with all kinds of beans, it will great with any kind of beans, but The color of red beans makes our burger becomes more attractive.
  5. Smoky Flavor Twist: Smoky powder gives a unique flavor to burgers, If you have smoky powder on hand, add it. Don’t worry if you don’t have it; experiment with your favorite spices to create a flavor that suits you best.
  6. Chia seeds and oat flour: Chia seeds and oat flour gives cohesion to the ingredients of your burger and makes the burger not loose. They are the secret weapons for keeping your burger ingredients together and ensuring they don’t crumble apart.
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10 Minutes

Ingredients for making quinoa burgers

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for the quinoa burger


Pour the red beans and quinoa into the blender


You can powder the chia seeds or mix them with a little water to make them gel and stick, and then add them to the ingredients in the blender.


Add onion and garlic


Use cilantro or any aromatic herb you like and add it to the blender along with the oatmeal.


Add salt, black pepper, red pepper, turmeric and smoked powder


And finally, add tomato paste for the color and flavor of the burger

1 Minutes

Mixing burger ingredients

Mix all the ingredients together for a minute, then leave the burger ingredients in the fridge for half an hour to get a more uniform texture.

20 Minutes

Frying burger ingredients

Mold the burger ingredients and let them fry both sides in a pan with a little oil and low heat


Delicious burgers are ready. Put them in a burger bun and eat with lettuce, tomato, and your favorite sauce

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